New place sneak peak

We’re slowly getting settled into our new place. It started out quickly! We moved in on the first Friday in August and were completely unpacked by Sunday evening of the same weekend. But the slowest part is the decorating and furnishing part. Especially since I hate shopping with a passion :/ I basically go to a store or 2 a week to try and find things and then my patience is used up and I do other things that are way more fun (like read or cook).

Any tips you have on putting the finishing touches on an apartment with minimal shopping would be greatly appreciated!

I will be getting pictures up once it’s all done (we’re aiming to have it all done by the time my sister visits next month). In the meantime, I will leave you with this picture of my glorious, new kitchen. It’s huge and beautiful and it was never used before me =D

Look at the counter space!!! Holy work space batman!

And all of the cupboard space…

I’m in LOVE =D

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6 Responses to “New place sneak peak”

  1. Jessie says:

    Kim, your kitchen is gorgeous! It’s absolutely perfect for you. I can’t wait to see more pictures of your new place.


  2. Patricia says:

    Gorgeous! Lucky you, what a great place to not cook! LOL – you know what I mean….

  3. that kitchen does look huge and clean and well designed – all it needs is somewhere to sit down and eat – I guess that is on the other side of the bench

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